Decision Time.

This morning I was reading in the Concord Monitor about the challenges of NH Budget Writers in the upcoming Biennium.

Challenge here is an understatement. Impossibility is the better term.

I think this state is approaching disaster yet, no one is talking about it!

This is a letter to the editor I'm thinking about sending. I'm still working on an employment endeavor in Canada so I'm trying to not move into too many directions at once. And right now NH politics isn't a very good direction to be moving in.

To The Editor:

The upcoming legislative session in New Hampshire will prove decisive in showing either the way forward or the way backward. The granite state is $400 million dollars in deficit as Gov. Maggie Hassan proposes some $2.6 billion in new spending, this amid an expansion of programmes like expanded Medicaid.

This level of spending and debt isn't sustainable or good policy. But it is however, what Gov. Hassan clearly wants for New Hampshire: big government, big spending and a taxation heavy "innovation economy." The vote on the state budget will show exactly which way New Hampshire is heading. Local legislators like Rep. Brad Bailey,Rep. Linda Massimilla and Rep.-elect Erin Hennessey all campaigned on themes of "supporting the North Country."

It will be interesting to see if these legislators demonstrate any real independence and leadership or simply talk like parrots and go along with the big spending and innovative governor. My guess is that it will be the later.