A Possible Pushback.

Ever since Gov. Maggie Hassan was elected to the state's highest office I've had a general feeling of dispair about the way the state is being run and what the future holds.

I'm starting to see signs, slowly and I mean slowly about a possible pushback about what Gov. Hassan proposes for the granite state and this whole flawed, unsupportable idea of an "innovation economy." A possible pushback to Gov. Maggie Hassan? Sen. Jeanne Forrester is asking the right questions to make this happen.

In the last day or two the daily Laconia Daily Sun had a very well written article/editorial by Sen. Jeanne Forrester, District #2. It was about the practice of raiding dedicated funds and about the upcoming budget cycle. I read this article and it gave me a feeling that things could actually get better, and not worse, in New Hampshire.

Sen. Forrester, who is also chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said something really interesting, Gov. Hassan was called before the committee to explain why her administration has over expended the state budget by at least $100 million dollars. Hassan offered no explanation and instead issued an executive order asking for budget cuts of 18%. Budget cuts as I understand that have gone largely ignored. The spending and it's authorization is still there.

Sen. Forrester is asking the right questions.

Things might actually get better.