Clinton Choices.

I'm looking at but not actually reading the Hillary Rodham Clinton book, "Hard Choices." Which is mainly about her time as U.S. Secretary of State. There could be alot of good information here on a global scale but I'm only seeing two things: Politics Is A Zero Sum Game.

Words and Noise.

Secretary of State Clinton likes to write about and explain problems but I'm looking through the 596 page expanse and I'm not finding anything about solutions. Whether this is in Burma, Bengazi, Israel or St. Petersburg. It looks to me that the only real "solutions" to problems were ones that happened to drift into place because of the circumstances that surrounded them. An example, "Despite all it's problems, a more open trading system has lifted more people out of poverty in the last 35 years than any comparable time in history."- Hillary Clinton.

This book says nothing about how this has occured, if it occured at all. Consider all the U.S. jobs that have been lost or downgraded due to "free trade." I think this whole book is like this.

There is one part(s) that I do like where Sect'y Clinton discusses Vladimir Putin. And I really like this quote, "Putin sees geopolitics as a zero-sum game in which,if someone is winning, then someone has to be losing."-Hilliary Clinton.

Putin has it right politics is a zero sum game. This is how things get done and problems get solved.

Forget all this bi partisanship, working together and unity. There has to be a winner and there has to be a loser. It's clear from the section about Syria and the Assad regime that Clinton doesn't like Putin and Iran for their support for Assad.

It would be interesting to see who actually prevailed in this whole situation. I don't think the former first lady likes to be a loser.