Sweet Pea Politics

Last night was a typical early December night in New Hampshire. Snowing, cold, dark and a forerunner of what is to come. I think most people use good judgement and stay put on nights such as these.

Not me.

Almost on the spur of the moment I decided to venture to Waterville Valley, NH to listen to Carl Lindblade on the UNH speaker's series give a talk about the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference in 1944. I worked at the Mount Washington Hotel for six seasons and have a continuing interest in WW II history so I had two reasons for venturing out into the darkness.

It was about an hour and it wasn't designed to be PHd dissertation about economic or financial policy. It was a survey of the confrence, it's meaning and Mr. Lindblade also interjected some of the personalities of the day including doing a very good impression of Sir Winston Churchill. 

In any case I ended up picking up some interesting NH political history that had I not attended probally wouldn't have ever come across. The first one is sweet peas. From what I understand is 'back in the day' sweet peas from New Hampshire were an intergral part of any political or power event and they came from farms across New Hampshire. Sweet Peas.

And the second an interesting piece is Gov. John Winant. Gov. John Winant First NH Gov. To Be Re-Elected To A Second Term.NH Citizens Do Not Like Centralized Poltical Power.

A fascinating individual in the history of the granite state. Mr. Lindblade explained that since the time of King George. New Hampshire citizens "do not like centralized government or centralized political power." So, hence the existence of an Executive Council, a large legislature and state department heads whose appointed terms far out distance the power of a short-term sitting governor.

Gov. John Winant was the first NH Governor to be re-elected to a second term. At a very bad time too. 1931-1935. The great depression. Think things are bad now. Try back then. We've come a long way baby!

Winant also went on to serve in another capacity during a dark hour. As U.S. Ambassador to England starting in 1941.

I could go on here about this powerful individual but I won't.

From what Mr. Lindblade was saying there are plans to have a lecture series about Gov. Winant.