Live Free Or Not.

I'm still working on verifying the historical details including the dates described.


To The Editor:

  The state motto of New Hampshire is Live Free or Die. An ideal that is not only under assault, it may be destroyed.

  In 1620 the King of England, George I had an issue on his hands. The king was trying to establish governance of a newly established New Hampshire colony. The king knew one thing for certain: that NH citizens do not like centralized government or power. So George I created a five member Executive Council, a large citizen legislature and later appointed state officials whose terms far outshine the powers of a sitting governor.

  It is a state government that has worked well. New Hampshire now stands apart from every other New England state in everything from personal freedom, land use to taxation.

  But this may be ending. Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Jeff Woodburn have questionable to no use for the traditions of the past. It's my understanding that Gov. Hassan is quietly lining up support, including Sen. Woodburn, to implement a statewide income tax. This undoubtedly, to finance an "innovation economy" based on the size and power of the state at the expense of freedom, life and even death. This isn't New Hampshire.