Trying To Listen.

Yesterday I had a really frustrating experience which defines why I'm really disliking and hating NH politics these days.

It was an interview between NHPR Laura Knoy and Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan. I couldn't get through it. Blather would be the wrong word(s) here but they went on and on. Everything was a generalization: "most people think", "charting a course" "providing quality direction" "role of a commission" and "innovation"of course. It wouldn't matter if the subject was health care or the idea of expanded casino gaming the conversation between these two was exactly the same.

They're discusssing an idea and then beating it to death with generalizations.

I don't know if this could qualify as a conspiracy theory but it seems to me something is definitely going on here. And I don't feel guilty about turning this off I'd be willing these two couldn't listen to themselves talk so, why should anyone else.

But the real tragedy here is that Gov. Hassan is a policymaker and her actions affect many people.