Money Don't Solve Problems.

I'm going through a predicament with a wood pellet stove that is really making me think of NH politics. And whether the process to get elected is good or bad.

Okay. Let's start with the "known knowns." as Donald Rumsfeld would say. It takes money and organization to win a political race in New Hampshire. I don't care what office this is for. It takes $$$$ to make things happen and get the 50.1% to win the race. This is known.

But is it really?

If this holds true then how come Christopher Boothby didn't prevail in the recent contested primary for Ray Burton's Executive Council seat. I think the knowns demonstrate that Mr. Boothby had more money invested, had better organization against the two other candidates. Yet he did not win.

So my question is: Does money win NH election(s) and ultimately solve problems?

After watching the Executive Council race and struggling with a non-starting wood pellet stove my answer to this question is no it doesn't. Money is simply a component of an entire strategy, or package that has to be assembled, in correct sequence to make something work. Whether this is a political race or a wood pellet stove.

I'll close this out by a quick and bad adventure I had yesterday going to a local woodpellet stove dealer, trying to get some assistance in getting my stove running. All I can say is this:

"Making money is one thing, hanging on to it is yet another."

I'm discovering that they're are alot of people that just want things, and they're way to get these things is to take money from others by any means that is available, whether this is a slick expensive wood pellet stove maintenance campaign or what a candidate for Executive Council political promises for the future.