Meeting Harmid Karzai

Last night after working in the salt mines I had an interesting thought. And since it's a slow blog day I thought I'd write about it. I'm thinking about the leader of Afghanistan, Harmid Karzai. And I use the term 'leader' for a reason here.

Can you imagine trying to run a country that has been invaded and attacked by two militaristic powers, a country that every major economic power has financial designs on; and a country whose primary form of commerce is drug and weapons trade to global based markets.Harmid Karzai Leader of Afganastan.

And it likely goes deeper than this but let's move on...

So I'm thinking what a meeting would be like between Karzai and Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan, who isn't a leader. I think Karzai would size her up in a matter of mere seconds and actually have her believing that she was contributing something meaningful to what ever platter of issues that they were discussing.

Actually, a cold slate would be more precise here. A slate with her corpse on it.