Sochi Flop

I'm a world away from the Sochi, Russia Olympics, perhaps even two or even three worlds away.

But from what I'm looking at this whole thing is going to be a major flop. It should be interesting to see how all of it is portrayed in the controlled media.

For example, up here in northern New Hampshire the tentacles of politics, money and deception are rearing their heads. And the story goes like this:

I was at a pizza place the other night and their are a couple of attractive twenty something female physical therapists there and apparently they've been contacted by the U.S. Ski Team to go over to Sochi in "Support of the U.S. Ski Team." As you might imagine they're really excited about this, it's quite a global based opportunity to be involved with the Olympics. Imagine what this might do for their careers as physical therapists.

My experience with physical therapy is working as an OTR truck driver and spending some time at truckstops mainly in the Midwest, like the Iowa 80 TA truck stop in Wolcott, Iowa often times there would be "physical therapy services offered."on CB Channel 19. It's my understanding that it's a very short hop from physical therapy to direct prostitution. But let's go back to the Sochi Olympics....

So these two "physical therapists"are offered position(s) with the U.S. Ski Team and it's the same U.S. Ski Team that Bode Miller is on. And they're supposed to be leaving next week. Like I said probably a big, global opportunity here...

And then it drops down from the sky....

"Well the Ski Team called today and said that I'd have to pay for all my own expenses airfare, hotel rooms and food but they do pay a $300.00 bi weekly stipend."

WOW!!! Is the U.S. Ski Team pretty cheap or what!!! The recruit people to "be on the team" and make them pay all their own expenses. "You're not actually entertaining this?" I said to the pair from across the bar, as I'm waiting for my pizza.  

And the look I got in response.

This is alot like how politics in New Hampshire really works.