The Monuments Men.

Last night I went and saw The Monuments Men strarring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and other good actors.

The movie wasn't good at all.

I'm really disappointed to say this because it was obvious that the production crews had plenty of money and resources to make a really good depiction of the ending months of the World War II and efforts to save many art treasures looted by the ambitions of the Third Reich. I've actually been to some of the scenes that were in the film and when I was in Koblenz visted the archives and actually met some Germans that were there during this period of time.

Of course Hollywood has to put their slant on things.

Let's move on. In addition to not discussing the art pieces themselves ,(sans one frisco), the movie got too much into the personalities of the actors i.e. George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray so much to the point that it actually overshadowed the actual storyline which could have been a really good one. The movie went to places like historic Aachen and St. Lo which have fascinating stories to tell about art treasures and efforts BY BOTH SIDES to save art from destruction.

This story skips over all this, instead the Germans are simply featured as the enemy to make various points sponsored by George Clooney. An accurate depiction of history doesn't pay for biased screenwriters and production budgets in Jewish controlled Hollywood.

So I'd pass over The Monuments Men.