Get Er Done.

I'm in the process of working on a letter to the Editor up here in Senate District #1. It's still very much in draft form but this is more or less the substance of what my concerns are:

To The Editor:

I'm writing this letter to express my concern over the poor performance of Sen Jeff Woodburn. It doesn't take much to arrive at this. Whether this is supporting a gas tax increase or creating yet another study commission to consider why economic conditions in the north country remain a challenge.

Sen. Woodburn is capable of much better. I knew Woodburn back when he was Executive Director for Rep. Dick Swett, he wasn't afraid to attack real issues move bolders or go the extra distance for a constituent. Woodburn would get er done.

Today all this is gone. Sen. Woodburn is nothing more than a puppet for Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan, a Massachusetts lawyer turned politician whose flawed economic designs in innovation lead to only one place. Big government and higher taxes for all of New Hampshire.