Free Trade Is Not Free For NH.

I'm really frustrated with NH politics and the political leadership in this state. If I had to define it basically it would be the classic "us vs. them." arguement.

They being elected officials like Gov. Hassan and ranking members of state government like DRED Commissioner Rose. They're doing what benefits them and their interest(s) which has nothing to do what is good for New Hampshire.

Here is one example that I've learned of today. Free Trade Isn't Free For New Hampshire.

Currently pending is the implementation of another free trade agreement similar to the job killing structure of NAFTA.

This one is called incidently, TAFTA or the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Here is a precis of what is to come:

"A Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) is a proposal to create a trans-atlantic free-trade area covering Europe and North America. Such proposals have been made since the 1990s and since 2013 an agreement between the United States and European Union has been under negotiation: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Once complete, if combined with free trade agreements with Canada, Mexico and the European Free Trade Association it could form a free trade area covering the whole of both continents."

So what exactly are Gov. Hassan and DRED Commissioner Rose doing to get New Hampshire for the opportunities and the consequences of TAFTA?

Do they even care?