What Is Collaboration?

Right from the moment Gov. Hassan was elected she has stated her desire to transform New Hampshire into an innovation economy.

An economy that emphasizes science, math and achievement; and an economy that creates robots. Gov. Hassan seems to like robots. "As I travel our State, I hear often from both small and large businesses that they want state government to work collaboratively to develop a pro-growth environment and help them create good-paying jobs,"Hassan says.

Now I'm hearing this new word, collaboration.

What exactly does this word mean? pro-growth environment, as opposed to anti-growth.

I'm reading this garbage and are also reminded of lawyers. They talk like this it's always a generalization and it's always in the affirmative as if, as if, they're position is the right position and that is all there is.

It isn't. And the low Hassan approval ratings are telling me that the proletariat is catching on to her snake oil salesmanship very fast.