Deprivation As Policy.

I'm working on another Letter To The Editor. This probably isn't the best forum to work on a draft, but I'm trying to put out the best product I can and they'res only so many times I can cross out and delete paragraphs or think about what I'm trying to get across to the reader.

So here it goes.

Right from the moment Gov. Hassan was elected she has stated her desire to transform New Hampshire into an innovation economy.

An economy that emphasizes science, mathematics and achievement, and a planned society that creates things like robots. Gov. Hassan seems to like robots. It's been over a year since Gov. Hassan started her economic designs over New Hampshire and I'm asking where exactly is the innovation, and more importantly the jobs?

The answer to this question might be answered by the upcoming implementation of a free trade agreement. This one is called TAFTA or the Transatlantic Free Trade Area. This will be a trading environment between the European Community and the United States, Canada and Mexico. It will be very similar to NAFTA.

When TAFTA is implemented there will be an exodus of New Hampshire capital and jobs to countries like England, France and Germany. These are jobs that will be lost because of this TAFTA trade agreement. This isn't innovation it's deprivation.