Not Sustainable Not At All.

I've said this before and now I'm saying it once again:


They just don't. In theory it might look very good the idea of a "public-private" partnership and how this creates jobs and improves the plight of society in challenging economic times.

Some examples here in New Hampshire and Maine. The Justice Department is now investigating the high flying venture capitalist that owns the paper mill in Gorham, NH that was much touted by Gov. Hassan when she reopened the paper mill. Haven't read the Justice Department materials but my local sources tell me that the Gorham mill is at least a year behind on payments of its local property taxes to the Town of Gorham.

And it continues on from here....Public-Private Partnerships. Keynesian Economics Does Not Work.

Cate Street Capital which I believe is headquartered in Portsmouth owns the biomass plant in Berlin, haven't heard whether their property taxes are current. But I have read that their sister mill in Millinocket, Maine is substantially behind in property taxes to this town to the point that the town may have to take "real action" including layoffs if the property taxes aren't paid.

These companies have been the beneficiaries of how many state, federal grant programs and they can't even pay their local property taxes?

This leads to my last point. What kind of responsibility does Gov. Hassan and DRED Commissioner Rose have in a situation like this (New Hampshire) and Gov. LePage in Maine?

These officials have touted and likely recomended these projects to be funded with taxpayer dollars shouldn't they also be held responsible if something goes wrong?