Susan The Biased.

Recently I had an experience that makes me glad I'm not in politics or the public arena anymore. And it's something that used to be standard in this whole field and simply doesn't exist anymore.

The debate.

That's right the ability to different parties to have a discussion about and issue and consider the very issue. Today they're aren't debates instead it's a civilized argument laced with editing and ultimately settled by things such as pedigree, money, power, influence, etc. "Who cares what your position is I'm a member of the ruling class and my class decides."  

Enter one Susan The Bruce a liberal based blogger. Susan The Bruce Is A Biased Writer.

Not only does Bruce not know how to have a debate she hurls unsupportable insults against everything Republican, Second Amendment and has even termed "an ashpit." I tried over some weeks to at least point some issues out to Bruce I'd say it was an exercise in futility but it couldn't even be termed this. For this to happen the alternate party would at least have to have some understanding of what is going on.

Getting into an arguement with an ignorant brick can be termed something else entirely.

This whole situation also reminds of Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan. I don't think she knows how to have a debate either, similar to alot of trained attorneys she knows how to assess where the power points are, knows the rules of procedure and then uses these rules to bend the issue or question at hand toward whomever is footing the bill. This isn't a debate it's the definition of manipulation and how lies are created and justified.

Susan The Bruce. Biased and useless.