NH Consumers Getting Gouged.

Less than five miles from my house lies a nearly new woopellet manufacturing facility. From what I've heard it cost some $450,000.00 to lease the equipment and set up the facility.

I just drove by there. The place is vacant. No activity. Shortage of Wood Pellets in NH. Something is going on here.

I'd think nothing of this except that there is a shortage of wood pellets in the Northeast right now. And it's a well defined shortage. I think its safe to say the price of wood pellets that can be found for sale has increased by at least 60% in the past 4-5 months.

Gov. Hassan has a fulltime office connected to her administration that is supposed to be hardwired to energy issues in New Hampshire. The state also has a Consumer Advocate who is a lawyer that is paid a good salary at taxpayer expense that is supposed to be working on issues that face the NH consumer.

How many NH residents went cold this winter because of the spiked increase and availability of wood pellets?

Do they even care?