No Pay More Gas Taxes.

Another draft Letter To The Editor that I'm working on:

During the last election Sen. Jeff Woodburn accused his opponent Dr. Debi Warner of Littleton of running a "campaign that does not catch traction."With the recent Woodburn vote of yes on S.B. 367 which raises gas taxes by 4.2 cents a gallon, it should be interesting to see how much traction Sen. Woodburn receives from the voters in his re-election campaign, if he even runs for re-election.

New Hampshire does not need an increase in the gas tax. It's true that the state faces challenges in highway and bridge maintenance. But a tax increase isn't the answer. Sen. Woodburn and the politicians in Concord need to stop raiding the highway trust fund and financing endeavors in expressionist art, airport solar panels, overpaid consultants and subsidized passenger rail.

Do you want to pay more in taxes? Do you actually believe that this tax increase will be spent on highways and bridges? It won't. Please contact your state representative and ask that they vote no on Senate Bill 367.