Picking Horses. Picking NH Politicians.

I'm not anywhere near Kentucky or anything even remotely related to horse racing.

But I'm trying to do what I can to research the 20 contenders currently being considered for entry into the Kentucky Derby. My research is reminding me of the race for U.S. Senate between incumbent Jeanne Shaheen and newly announced Scott Brown who is facing a contested primary against other Republican candidates.

A horse race indeed.

Back to the Kentucky Derby. A horse named California Chrome is the immediate favorite with odds at 4-1. I'm reading nothing but positive ratings about the performance and training of this horse and it's running at Santa Anita track in Cali. When I started this research I'd assumed the favorite would be from Dubai or Saudi Arabia places where money is no object in horse racing, in past years these countries always seem to field the leading contenders so, to me California Chrome is a surprise.California Chrome Is A Favorite To Win The Kentucky Derby.

I'm looking at and liking Wildcat Red a horse described as unpredictable makes unexpected moves and then goes on to win the Florida Derby by two lengths. Wildcat Red has been described as a tenacious runner. Odds 15-1.

Next I'm reading into Ride On Curlin described as a horse that has made "continuous improvement." A horse that has improved with synthetic surfaces. I don't like this horse as a winner but a real good possibility of place or show finish. With odds of 30-1 a decent payout. Same thing with an Exotic bet. Exacta, Trifecta or a dime Superfecta.

The last horse that I really like is We Miss Artie. This is a very fast sprint runner that has massive early speed but for whatever reason can't close it out in the end and gets passed not far from the finish line. This is a horse that has increased in speed on the synthetic surface. If they can only find a way to keep this horse running on the front stretch. And with an odds payout as impressive as the early speed 50-1.

So of the horse racing experts are saying that transitioning from synthetic to dirt and back to synthetic creates a problem. I don't think anyone really knows the answer to this issue if it is an issue at all.

I wonder how NH politicians would run on a synthetic surface as opposed to dirt?