Raising The Bar. A Scott ROI.

Right now I'm watching the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate ad buy which is a commercial on WMUR. If you've ever seen the Bob Smith "My Senator" ads then this will give a pretty good idea of what the Scott Brown ad is like. I don't feel like digging to find the link on WMUR.com but it's in the political tab.

Let's move on.

So the critics, mainly Sen. Shaheen supporters are offering criticism of this early ad buy and attempting to use it to show how shallow and foreign Scott Brown really is to New Hampshire. I think if Scott Brown is going to run his campaign like this then he has a very good chance at prevailing come November, and here is why:

It sets the bar higher right out of the gate for not only his two and half Republican opponents but for the main target Shaheen herself. To counter this the Shaheen campaign actually is on the defensive, not only to diffuse the name recognition efforts of the Scott campaign but to fundraise to purchase an ad buy themselves. And I'm confident that once that facts are revealed the finances of Shaheen for ad buys originate in the elite circles of New York and California not in rural New Hampshire. The Scott campaign gains two instant tactical advantages with this early ad buy.

Speaking of strategy another interesting dynamic was the staged Democratic protest of the Scott Brown announcement for his run at Portsmouth. The shipyard workers had better be more careful in their political endorsement of Shaheen. If the gas tax legislation fails in the NH House of Representatives (I hope that it does) and Scott Brown gets elected to the U.S. Senate, the fact that this shipyard will be mothballed will be a foregone conclusion.