Not Seeing It.

Here is a quick quiz which I think captures the essence of what I'm now thinking:

Pick any of the candidates for major office in New Hampshire and it doesn't matter whether they're Republican or Democrat. Write down the name of the candidate. Now here is the interesting part, write down five (5) things that this candidate stands for and the source of information that leads to what this candidate stands for. I'll do one:

Walter Haverstein, Candidate for Governor, against Medicaid Expansion, Candidate Announcement, Union Leader.(Think spelled Haverstein wrong, screw it I'm moving on).

This is just one example, politicians always play to the press and the all important coverage that the media brings. But I can actually remember a time when this wasn't always the case. For example I remember when Dick Swett and William Zeliff, Jr. ran for U.S. Congress and they would campaign throughout their respective districts; they would often talk about real people and real issues. Whether this was the paper mills in Berlin or the growing need for more capital investment in Hanover and their campaign were local.

Times do change and the politics does change with the times.

But what is making me think of this and you might have seen it is the typeface that is now used on the home foreclosure pages in the newspaper. The typeface is smaller so that they can fit more foreclosures onto the pages. On most days I'm accustomed to seeing 20-30 houses being taken. Today it's now 40-50.

Back to the quiz. Imagine a candidate stating that home forecloure rates in New Hampshrie are too high and the efforts that could be done to do something about it.

I'd be willing to be the typeface would be very small if there were even a candidate that said this.