A 7% Indirect Tax Increase.

I've got about 22 minutes of battery life in my laptop so there won't be alot of editing in this blog. I'm just going to write and shoot.

I'm really disapointed that the NH House passed the gas tax increase legislation. Somehow I was hoping that once the reality hit of what this really is, a substantial tax increase that the bill would not pass. It's also ironic that the worst part of this bill isn't in the text or the tax itself (4.2 cent increase at the pump) but what will come down the road.

The price of food. This Gas Tax Increase Means An Increase In The Price Of Food.Statewide An Average Increase of 5-7%Tax Increases Are Why More And More People Are Sliding Into Poverty

Everything that is consumed in New Hampshire has to be imported and this tax increase translates into higher costs for these importers to bring the food into New Hampshire. And it doesn't matter what it is: whether this is milk from nearby Vermont or whole grain bread from grains grown in the Midwest to Western regions of the U.S.

I'm still looking at statistics but on average I think it's safe to assume that the price of food will increase in New Hampshire statewide by 5-7% . So lets say a family of three spends $60.77 a week for food including dairy items like the milk from Vermont. This increase translates into $4.25 a week more for food which at the end of year compounds into $204.18 plus the costs of the fuel tax paid at the pump.

This is why more and more people are falling into poverty into New Hampshire.