Power Of NH Man Haters.

It's interesting to read the blog site for NH Man Hater Susan The Bruce. Today's reading comes from her slavish devotion to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

 "Jeanne Shaheen served 2 terms in the NH State Senate. She served 3 terms as Governor of NH. She ran for the US Senate in 2002, but lost to successful phone jamming candidate John E. Sununu, Jr. Her consolation prize? Serving as the Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics. In 2008 she beat John Jr. and became our first female US Senator. This is the record of a successful and accomplished woman. "- Susan The Bruce. Beware Of Anyone That Rides Around In A Carriage With Footmen. That Claims To Be Supporting The Proletariat. The System Doesn't Work Like This.

This is the record of a succesful and accomplished woman. Susan The Bruce Claims Accomplishments From A Female Career Politician.

I've read some whoppers in NH politics before but this one really takes the cake. As if the Democratic Party hasn't engaged it's own machinery and money largely based in New York and Hollywood to play candle pin bowling in New Hampshire. And what exactly has Shaheen "accomplished" during her out of state financed political career?

About as much as Susan The Bruce accomplishes on her biased self-centered blog.