Stupid Political Tricks.

Election season is fast approaching. From what I'm reading sort of half-heartedly is that a number or contested primaries are "bubbling up." It's not hard to see why this is. Some of these politicians campaigned on themes which they haven't delivered on.

And now they're resorting to stupid political tricks.

It's well known and established that the economic condition(s) in northern NH are difficult, if you think it's bad here try crossing over into Vermont but that is off topic. Well anyways some of the local state reps. here including Rep. Brad Bailey are actually proposing creating a "tax free district." similar to what they do in New York State.

This is absurd.

Talk about favoritism, corruption and bad deals creating "tax free districts." is right there.

I'm surprised Sen. Jeff Woodburn isn't excitedly behind this idea.

Things are only going to get worse.