Healthy Rhinos

I had a really good experience that I'd thought would be good to share. Sometimes when I'm working at the retail saltmine and the stress levels get high I purchase some dark chocolate and this is of instanious assistance (I don't know why this works).

But it does.

In any case I ended up purchasing some Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with 72% Cocoa and natural toffee. The fact that it was really good is completely beyond how good it really was!

But what was even better was the politics and the activism behind this great chocolate. Inside the package was a small brochure detailing the plight of the rhinoceros the issues that this animal faces in the world and how 10% of the profits are taking action to save the rhinoceros.

Deeds not words. There Aren't Many Rhinos In NH. There Isn't Much Effective Activism Eithier.

Imagine if New Hampshire manufacturers could take a page from this book and actually do something instead of talking about doing something and having a press release about all that they are doing.

There always has to be a damn press release in this state.

I'm confident that the Rhinos will be healthy and alive and well and this is good.

Right now I'm at McDonald's watching all the overweight, uneducated and rude specimens of the human race argue over the new Spider man toy that is supposed to be in a Happy Meal.