Unlawful Tax Abatements

Coming home from work probably isn't the best time to work on a blog. But I'm so enraged with a political situation that has developed I had to at least get some thoughts down.

The thread of it goes like this. Yesterday in the Caledonian Record Newspaper a story appears featuring Rep. Brad Bailey and DRED employee Lamontagne who is in charge of Economic Development for the depressed North Country. The article is touting some Albert Eistein type of idea by Rep. Bailey to create "tax free zones" similar to what they are now using in New York.

Is there something wrong here?

I couldn't believe what I was reading. For starters the NH State Constitution expressly forbids any type of tax abatements or taxpayer money given to business. It's always been this way in New Hampshire.

So why is a state employee advocating an idea like this?

Then let's talk about New York and this whole "tax abatement" idea. The first ideas that come to my mind are politics, preference, back room deals and very few jobs actually being created.

I'm not sure what I should even do. It's been a long day today.