A Simple Conversation.

Yesterday I reported my anger and frustration over a political development here in the North Country i.e. creating "tax zones" similar to what exists in New York State.

I'm still not sure what to say, think or do. I've been having some thoughts in other direction(s) as well. For example an idea like this:

I think alot of people are content (right word) with the governance of New Hampshire. And at all elected levels. I think a vast majority of people understand that change in the future is inevitable. Whether this is an increase in the gas tax, efforts ot create jobs or implement expanded Medicare across the Granite State."

In short this state and it's political environment is really working out for most people.

I'm the minority, but for the sake of arguement New Hampshire is working out for the majority.

So this idea is why I'm thinking that I should just "let it go." Just let it go don't be concerned about the history of New Hampshire the State Constituation or how implementing various programs will turn New Hampshire into a northern version of New Jersey and/or New York.

Just let it go.

I'm still thinking it over. I actually did something similar to this over in Vermont. I learned of a regional based rail carrier was trying to use state grant money to put in an expensive rail siding for a lumber manufacturer. So I researched the grant application and learned that only 50% of the project could be paid for using the funds, the respective companies had to pay for the other 40% and the local community had the option if they wanted to pay the remaining 10%.

I quickly learned that the math didn't add up as the entire $230,000.00 project was slated to be paid with the federal and state funds 100%. This is the crap that goes on with these grants. So I brought it to the attention of then Gov. Jim Douglas and the Caledonian Record Newspaper. Lo and behold the entire application and project was scrapped about six months later. The lumber company has since gone out of business.

So back here in New Hampshire should I say something about the tax proposal advanced by Rep. Brad Bailey?

I'm still not sure of what to do...