First Real Shot Fired.

I read something today in the Union Leader that I'm finding most encouraging.

A member of the media actually criticizing Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan and her administration. Drew Cline has an article about the entry of Walter Havenstein into the gubernatorial race. And Cline quickly hits it right on the head:

"Surprisingly, Gov. Hassan has been ineffective as a party leader and state executive."

This isn't surprising at all but this quote still rocks.

And I'm not blaming Gov. Hassan entirely. Her background as an attorney, I know isn't the best experience to have in running any organization of size and financial responsibility. Lawyers aren't trained to run things. Some lawyers go to work for corporations and learn these skills or even pursue an MBA. Former Governor Lynch did this.

Hassan did not. And it shows it takes more to solve problems than appoint a committee and do some consensus decision making, this is where Hassan has clearly failed as a state executive.

I'm really hoping that the Cline shot leads to more attacks against Gov. Hassan. And what will be more interesting is how she responds. It's been my direct experience that lawyers never accept responsibility, never offer to fix what is broken or even attempt to change the position(s) that they're on. I'll give Gov. Hassan the chance to respond, but I have my ideas of what is going to happen next.

It will be like shoving a hynena in a corner and trying to talk to it rationally.