Too Many Fingers In The Pie.

There was a time I supported expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire.

Not anymore.

If it had been done correctly casinos in the state would have complemented the tourist economy that does well here. But unfortunately, it isn't to be the case. It's early in the political season but I think as time evolves the Havenstein for Governor campaign is going to demonstrate that Gov. Hassan hasn't done anything except let issues drift and literally fall where they may. The casino proposals being just one example of this.

But this being said, even if Gov. Hassan loses in November which I hope that she does I don't see any real structural change in New Hampshire with respect to expanded casino gaming. It just isn't in the cards. Too many factions, too many fingers in the pie and too much at stake and too many people that want something out of the situation.

I think the only real hope which is limited at best is the the Abenaki Indian Tribe is able to purse a land claim and construct a casino, this would actually be similar to what the Seminole Indian Tribe did in Florida.

But I don't see this happening in New Hampshire eithier.