From Behind Closed Doors.

At times I think this blog has turned into nothing more that a daily bash session against Gov. Hassan. I'm trying to avoid doing this, it isn't productive and I'm sure not very enjoyable for the reader.

But it seems that each day that goes by I hear of more and more things that really distress me and often these things involve the Governor either directly or indirectly. Gov. Hassan Hosts "Business Roundtable." From what I've heard, by invite only.

So here I go!

Within the past couple of days Gov. Hassan was in the North Country of course this is important this an economically depressed area in need of some real leadership. Well, to me it doesn't like there is any leadership on the immediate horizon. For example, the Governor has a "business roundtable." at the Town & Country in Gorham. My sources tell me it was "by invite only."And the invitees were treated to coffee, doughnuts and given a schpeel by Gov. Hassan about what her priorities are including creating more opportunities for "young females."

Can this actually be real?

I guess my only response to this can be is that I'm really glad the candidates like Walt Havenstein and Andrew Hemingway have come forward to challenge Hassan come November. And I'm really hoping the voters of this state can start to see just how little that they are getting from the performance of Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan. There Are Many Opportunities For New Hampshire. But I don't think any of them are going to be realized as long as Gov. Hassan is making the decisions.