Breaking A (My) Pact.

During the past couple of days, or at least for the past day I've been trying to abide by a pact that I made with myself:

"Don't use this blog as a frustration to attack Gov. Hassan or any other elected official. Instead come up with positive, proactive ideas to move the issues forward."

It is an informal pact but I think a needed one.

I couldn't even get through 24 hours before my mind started spewing venom against our innovative Governor and her latest idea to help New Hampshire. This one is a STEM task force in which Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics suddenly receive lots of new emphasis in the Granite State. Here is a quote from the Union Leader that advances this Einstein type of thinking:

“The members of this task force have a diverse background in teaching, school administration, higher education and business, including job creators and innovators in research and development,” Hassan said. “Their service will help our schools modernize STEM education, providing our young people with skills that our businesses believe in, our educators believe in, and our students and families believe in.”- Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan.


Skills that our educators, students and families believe in.

I'm not even going to go on. This is like everything else this governor does.