Synthetic Racing Surfaces

In just about a month will be the running of the Kentucky Derby!

Each year I try and get into it, or into the spirit of it. It's also taking my mind off the politics of this state and what is going on. 2014 Kentucky Derby Is Coming!!!!!

Right now I'm reading about synthetic track surfaces that are replacing the traditional turf and dirt at tracks around the country. It is interesting as not so much about the composite material(s) themselves but upon horse psychology, if such a field even exists.

To make a long story short some horses get onto this new surface and it takes them to new levels in speed and performance. Yet other horses, particularly young mares that run well on the grass don't do well or at least this is what some of the so called 'experts' are saying. In horse racing I don't think there is such a thing as an 'expert' if there is an expert I'd like to see his accounting records to see how much he/she has done in selecting winning or performing horses on any track surface.