To Make An Exodus.

These are some shots of the Cornish-Windsor Bridge over the Connecticut River that joins New Hampshire and Vermont. It was an experience at this bridge in 1986 or 1987 that made me want to pursue politics in New Hampshire. It's a story that I'll tell another day. Cornish-Windsor Bridge. One of my first experiences in NH politics.

But I'm doing this now as I've no put into motion a new strategy.... Walk Your Horses. Cornish-Windsor Bridge.

During the past months, winter in particular I've been really frustrated, angry at both the NH political landscape and the direction that this state is taking. The fuel for this frustration comes from my current employment in a retail salt mine in central NH where unfortunately, I have to see each day what is happening in this state from a long trench line filled with mud and dirty water.

So after finding some interesting type of employment ads in the Caledonian Record newspaper I've decided to apply for at least two employment opportunites in Vermont. If I'm successful in this endeavor I'm planning to stay in New Hampshire, it's just that I'll be working in Vermont. This will be good for my blog too as I'll be reporting on what I see in the Green Mountain state but since I have no connection(s) there the reporting will be....

And Vermont will be an environment that isn't New Hampshire because this situation just isn't working for me.