Crashing It Around.

Somehow in these last couple of blogs I'm starting to formulate an idea that I think characterizes what is happening in New Hampshire.

It's called crashing it around. Another term I've heard is called: 'Management by Wandering Around.' Basically it means what it says just crash around until something happens, hopefully it's positive. There isn't an set or coherent strategy, it's a matter of moving around until something happens. Effective Strategy Is Precise, Planned And Directed. Not Wandering Around.

There is alot of this that goes on in politics sheerly (is this a word) as there are many fluid variables in this field so more often than not crashing around becomes the rule and not the exception. I'm a chess player and as a chess player I'm into the tactical and strategic strategy needed to defeat an opponent, clearly on a chess board wandering around isn't going to work!

And wandering around isn't going to work in running a state eithier.

This is the problem and it exists across state government starting with the Office of Governor.

This is the Delaware & Hudson Railroad. I'm not finding much of a strategy behind Startup New York. Why Would NH Want To Be Like New York?