The 1% Margin of Reason.

For past couple of days I've been sitting on a fence trying to decide whether to follow an issue or simply "let it go."

Of course on the way home from another stultifying day in the retail salt mines I found more reasons to "let it go." This argument comes down to elected officials themselves and their abilities and respect to do the jobs that they're elected to do. Whether this is Gov. Hassan or Sen. Jeff Woodburn and Rep. Brad Bailey, and regardless of the issue. In this case, the possible implementation of property tax free zones and tax abatements to create jobs in New Hampshire.

At least give these elected officials the chance to demonstrate the qualities that they were elected upon.

Then I stated thinking about writers and what kinds of responsibilities writers have and whether these responsibilities, rights (and respect) are similar to the kinds that are expected of politicians and elected officials.

I don't believe that they are the same.

Especially for reporters that report on substantive issues. Issues like economic development, job creation and proposals to use "tax free zones" to create jobs that alot of individuals would like to have.

So this being said I decided to at least try and have a conversation of the author of the Caledonian Record newspaper about what he wrote, and more specifically any possible research and/or information that he might have that influenced his decision(s) to write this article highly supportive of Rep. Bailey.

I'm going to post the contents of my e-mail to the Caledonian Record reporter in my next blog called,

Writer Responsibilities.