To Restructure DRED

Like I've said in earlier posts, I'm trying to exercise a great deal of restraint against what is happening in New Hampshire at least in terms of ever important ideas in job creation.

But despite this restaint I'm now learning that I'm not the only person to expereince a great deal of frustration over what I'd term the "us vs. them mentality" basically this is the politicians and state officials doing what benefits them and not what benefits the taxpayer who are paying their damn salaries! But lets move on....

DRED needs to be restuctured and the legislation currently in the NH House of Representives to do this is a good starting point. I don't think the bill will pass especially in the Senate but there needs to be a discussion about DRED and exactly what it's strategy is.

I'm very surprised that the Union Leader is against this idea but again, I think the "us vs. them mentality" strikes rather deep and certain things like DRED don't get interfeared with.

Recently I've reported about the proposed "tax free zone." idea for the North Country. DRED employee Benoit Lamontagne was supportive of the whole idea claiming that "its another tool for economic development."

It isn't.