Cod Critique

Anyways I'm continuing on my seafood saga.

Today I'm standing at the seafood counter at Shaw's trying to find some affordable seafood for sale. It isn't happening. Everything is expensive of course the helpful 'seafood specialist' suggests "Baked Stuffed Haddock for $12.95." Haddock is my favorite fish but $7.50 a pound is burning a hole in the carpet.

I ended up settling for Cod fish for some $7.86 a pound. Wouldn't reccomend this fish though.

It's similar to texture to Haddock and cooks very similar with breadcrumbs, I decided to broil rather than deep fry as I didn't have any oil. The taste is similar to Haddock but for some reason this fish doesn't last literally that pound of cod was gone in about three bites; versus a pound of Haddock that can last two meals.  Cod Is Similar To Haddock But There Are Differences.

Then I started thinking about the prices charged "whatever the market will bear." I still think Maine and New Hampshire could have come up with a framework to keep both the commercial fisherman working locally and market prices stable for the consumer.

But this isn't the way it's going to go...