Activists Vs. Locals.

My knowledge of Free Keene is limited to videos that I watch on UTUBE.

In one sense I like the political activism engaged by Ian Freeman and Garret Ian. It's clear that they're asking question(s), challenging the process and the authority, and at least trying to suggest as to how life could be better and free-er in New Hampshire. I especially like what Free Keene has done in issues like free speech, state constitutional rights and local property tax assessments.

I think this video demonstrates alot of what Free Keene is about. It also demonstrates something else that is a danger in any political based movement and attempt to change society from the norm.

Free Keene has gone and pushed too far.

They've angered the locals or townies as some call them. This can't end well.

I'm confident that if the genealogy were revealed of the Stop Free Keene movement these are probably descendants of the original families that established Keene and the surrounding area. And and if you've read any of the history of the Monadnock region; this is an area that has experienced good times and bad. Unfortunately, more bad than good at least in economic terms.

Stop Free Keene doesn't need to have a declared leader it is assumed.