My Reasons. My Rationale.

This is the mission statement for Grafton County Commissioner Linda D. Lauer:

“My goal as a County Commissioner is to strike the best possible balance between meeting the current needs of the citizens of Grafton County and keeping costs under control, while at the same time positioning Grafton County for the future challenges that we will face together. I am dedicated to providing a voice for each of our citizens and to serving as their advocate in my role as a public servant.”

Of course it has to be one size fits all.

I'm not trying to turn this into a political race already, even if I were to run I'd be running as an independent so my focus would be upon my own mission statement and how I would deliver this to the voters of Grafton County District #2. I'm still very much formulating my thoughts in this area (mission statement) but right now here where I'm at:

"Grafton County has significant opportunities that aren't being pursued. The individuals and families of Grafton County District #2 deserve better than this. Whether this is increasing food production for affordable access to quality farm based nutrition, settling quitclaim deeds faster or increasing regional tax base more needs to be done. As your Commissioner I'll always be attentive to innovation, imagination and entrepreneurial ideas to accomplish this along with an open door to always be listening to your ideas and the ideas of the hard working and dedicated county employees."   

This is my initial thoughts, I'm striking innovation as I've been critical of Gov. Hassan use of this word I hope to come up with a more coherent, understandable strategy related to: "increasing regional tax base" and build this into my mission statement.