Catfish Grillin.

It was my intention to use this blog to respond to Susan The Bruce and the continued slanted, biased and man hating garbage that appears on her blog site.

Screw it. It's a waste of time. Discussion with Susan The Bruce is a waste of time. Susan The Bruce Reminds Me Of A Catfish. Sifting Through The Garbage.

It's like that much of what she does reminds me of catfish and what catfish do. Lie on the bottom of the water sifting through garbage to find something useful. Guess in her mind she somehow thinks that what she does has some value. But it's her blog, and like she says "The way I want it to."

And my intrepetation this is: "I'm self-centered and that is the way that is it is."

Yes indeed.

But the irony of this is that the catfish is really a useful creature just think how different the food chain would be without the existence of the catfish. It would be alot different. Catfish are great food too.

Enter the Catfish Po Boy. (From The Food Network website).

"Catfish Po-Boy Sandwich Recipe.  Catfish Po-Boys are a staple in Cajun and South Louisiana cuisine; especially in New Orleans.  “Po Boy” is a familiar term used to describe a submarine sandwich served on long French bread rolls.  They are typically filled with some sort of fried seafood or any other hot sandwich meat; like hot roast beef or hot sausage.
Why do they call them PoBoys? Catfish Po Boy. Catfish, Creole Sauce, Tomatoes On Baguette.

The most common story tells of streetcar workers on strike in 1929.  A local restaurant owner and former streetcar conductor would bring the workers sandwiches.  Employees from the restaurant referred to the workers as “Poor Boys”.  Of course with our Louisiana slang they became known as PoBoys.