No Name. No Votes.

Guess a 48-52% margin was enough to convince Grafton County Commissioner Mike Cryans to take another swipe at Executive Council District #1.

It's a fair assessment the weather really was brutal if not savage to be attempting to run a campaign across this huge district. Think Napoleon across the Russian Steppes. Both of these candidates sustained losses just due to the weather.

I'll do my prediction up front: If Councilor Joe Kenney runs for re-election vs. the declared intention of Mike Cryans it is going to be a long, hot summer for both of these candidates. And this time it will come down to name recognition instead of voter turnout. I'll put an edge for now for Cryans. In addition to having some Democratic machinery and resources behind him the top of the ticket including state senate races is stronger than what the Republican Party is offering.

For example as a voter I'm not seeing what Republican Gubernoral candidate Walt Havenstein is even proposing, it's almost like he is a version of former Sen. Bob Smith like the votes will come from a sense of loyality and respect for the past and "the way things were." And why this can't work:

Right now former Gov. Madeline Kunin is over in St. Johnsbury, VT. giving a speech, her themes are markedly similar to what Gov. Hassan says, especially this whole STEM idea in education.

It does play very well.