Copeland Got Skunked.

I'm coming off a shift in the retail saltmine and the resignation of Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Bob Copeland is hitting the news.

Mr. Copeland got skunked.

If you haven't been following the stupidity and the Facebook entertainment here is a precis. Mr. Copeland was in a restaurant on his own time and made a remark about the President terming him "a nigger." A female who has reportedly lived in New Hampshire for some four months didn't like this description and the idea of freedom of speech and decided to do something about it.

Copeland is an elected official that is elected at Town Meeting to oversee the Police Department.

What I think is really disgusting is the role of the Wolfeboro Town Manager instead of offering to mediate or attempt to resolve the situation this town manager instead called on Copeland to resign calling this "an embarrassment." I'm sure this Town Manager knows what an embarrassment is like missing that all important putt on the golf course green. As if Town Managers in this state don't spend enough time on golf courses.

Let's move on...

I don't know Mr. Copeland but from what I've seen is that he is native New Hampshire and to be native New Hampshire is about integrity, values, frugality, and honesty and all spoken simply and like a true yankee. I'm sure Mr. Copeland has never missed a day of hard work or ever shirked any responsibility or task that was asked. I'm sure his remarks about the President were sincere and there was a basis for making this statement. But none of this seems to matter.

Now let's talk about social media, Facebook, Twitter, Text Messaging, WMUR ambition and females that move to New Hampshire from Massachusetts for four months that want to do things "their way." According to "their values."They're here now and they decide what the expectations are.

I'll close this out by saying that there is more and more of this type of mentality coming into the Granite State, and unfortunately as I've seen their mentality which is often liberal based will prevail.

May we all learn the correct way to behave.

I say: "if it is so much better in Massachusetts then why don't you go back there."