To Flog A Brick.

Right now I'm cutting up some fresh ripped tomatoes, onions and store bought peppers. Cut, cut and more cut.

Knives work good on cutting boards. Politics too. I'm not sure if I agree with the sausage thingy though.

Let's get to the point of this blog. Berlin, NH was once at the forefront of economic power and prosperity in New Hampshire. Paper manufacturing provided this direction, inertia and most of all strength.

Today, this is no longer. Times change, economies change and societies change.

Unforuntately, Berlin is trying to cling on to the past while ignoring it's realities.  A case in point is a story that appears in today's Union Leader about pending litigation over valuation of two hydro electric dams in this city.

Berlin says that they are property taxable at $600,000.00 a year. Berlin, NH refuses to part with the past.

They aren't.

They're old the market for electricity isn't as lucrative as it once was and their replacement value isn't as high as it once was with today's construction and engineering means. It makes sense that the owners of the dams would be filing a appeal to the N.H. Board of Tax and Land Appeals for an abatement in their taxes on the dams they own in Berlin. I'm confident they have a winning case.

But of course the greedy politicians in Berlin don't see it this way and refuse to accept reality. Instead there making a plea to the Coos County Legislative Delegation for a $15,000.00 appropriation from the legal defense fund for the appeal before the Board of Tax and Land Appeals.

Like this is going to go anywhere...