Taking The Money.

Saw a situation today that demonstrates"us vs. them." In this case it's the government taking the money, using it for themselves and leaving "us" with nothing.

Very quick explanation. Vermont collects both sales, income taxes and also has lottery and property tax rates that are comprable to New Hampshire. Four sources of revenue that are supposed to be returned to local communities for needed services like Education.

St. Johnsbury, Vermont was once a thriving mill town that similar to Berlin and Groveton, NH has watched most of it's taxbase pack up and leave town some of it has come over here to "tax free New Hampshire."Of course the costs in St. Johnsbury stay the same or increase.

Something has to give. And it finally did after two votes the St. Johnsbury school board had to vote to bring the school system into line with economic reality. And they cut. This time it wasn't attrition, early retirement or support staff it was the classroom in teachers in grades 1,5 and 8 some programs eliminated or sharply reduced library, sports, art and physical education.  Tough choices for sure.

But what does this have to do with New Hampshire?

I believe the St. Johnsbury scenario will be visiting New Hampshire very soon and unless Concord acts the same types of decision(s) will have to be made here. That is unless there is another push for a sales or income tax using the same type of arguments that Gov. Hassan just used to sign into law a 22% increase in the gas tax.

I think the politicians in Montpelier and Concord are going to do what benefits "them." They'll take the money and keep most of it. Vermont has four sources of revenue to pay for essential services what do you think they would do in New Hampshire?