The Future Is Exxon.

Inasmuch as I like to read I'm not one to chase after either authors or books like what appears in the New York Times bestseller list. Actually, now that I think about it there is only one author that I keep tabs on to see if anything new is coming out.

Paul Roberts.

His most popular book, The End of Oil which looks at various geopolitical strategy involving petrochemicals and coal. I've never encountered a writer that can bring the reader into an issue the way Roberts can. Whether this is standing on an off shore drilling rig or listening to a Saudi prince discuss oil pipelines, the author brings the reader right there. Meanwhile he is explaining what is really happening, like what happens if the oil under the desert suddenly goes very dry.

Anyways Paul Roberts has a 'new' book out its called The Future of Exxon. It looks interesting.

" Exxon is the richest company in human history; the largest, most influential actor in a vital industry; and arguably the fullest expression of American-style global capitalism of our time. Yet Exxon has one of the worst public images of any major corporation, loathed for its ecological disasters, litigation, and lobbying. Within its own industry, Exxon is regarded as hostile and imperious. And if Exxon is more profitable than any company, ever, and could afford to buy Wal-Mart outright, this success is dismissed as short-lived because it remains an unapologetic champion of yesterday's fuels - coal, gas, but especially oil, which it believes will dominate the energy mix until well past 2050. has been widely praised for his insights into the world of oil. The New York Review of Books called The End of Oil "perhaps the best single book ever produced about our ." Now, in The Future is Exxon, examines a uniquely powerful , whose leaders and policies will affect our lives for years to come."