Where Is Havenstein?

I'll pose the question right up front.

Where is Walt Havenstein? And more respectfully where is NH Gubernatorial candidate, former CEO of BAE Systems and former Marine officer. Where is Mr. Havenstein?

I'm staying with my pact of not using this blog as a forum to attack and criticize politicians and policy. But this being said if you're running for Governor shouldn't you be campaigning or at least accessible to the very constituency and/or state that you're running for? Mr. Walt Havenstein Is A Candidate To Be NH Governor. Where Is He?

Guess not every politician or political campaign in NH wants to be like Ray Burton. Their loss.

I'll look at this from another direction(s). Gov Hassan is clearly making some strategic moves. She just signed into law the 22% gas tax increase, the Medicaid expansion appears to be moving forward and the rest of her agenda like STEM and the "innovation economy."is right there. Good, bad or indifferent it's right there.

Where is Havenstein?

Pure speculation on my part: The candidate has surrounded himself with the NH Republican establishment and an array of consultants and spreadsheet analysis. And I'm sure they spend lots of time considering ad buys in the southern 6pm tier and how much name recognition this will generate. I'm sure the numbers are right in front of them.

Meanwhile, there's is an Old Home Day or a potluck supper up on the common in Warner, it's a popular local event. Do you think Mr. Havenstein would actually make the time to attend an event in Warner?

I think the answer to this question demonstrates what kind of candidate Mr. Havenstein really is.