Tuesday Decision.

I've been going back and forth in a decision as to whether to run for Grafton County Commissioner, District #2 which is a district in the northern end of Grafton County running from Waterville Valley north to Bethlehem and then southwest down as far as Haverhill.

After Ray Burton died there were 14 applicants to be appointed to this position and I was one of the 14. In any case Rep. Linda Laurer of Bath was the applicant that was chosen. The only thing I've seen her do since being appointed is to come up to local select board meetings to announce there would be a 3% county spending and tax increase during the upcoming year. It's business as usual. Decision Time Is Tuesday.

So to run or not? I'm believing that this decision will be made this Tuesday.

As a part of this I've contacted who I believe is the most qualified and would be the best candidate for this position. And this is Mark Secord, CPA from Littleton who was also one of the 14 applicants. Basically, I explained some of my background in NH politics; my dislike of retiree Laurer and then I asked Secord if he would be interested in running. I think he brings the right leadership balance to this office: an accounting background and being an active board member of community organization(s) like the Littleton Food Co-Op, United Way and I'm sure there are others. Anyways Mr. Secord said that he would let me know Tuesday of what his intentions are.

And like I stated "If you decide to run than I will not."

Running an effective political campaign is alot of work and it's from alot of different direction(s) as well. I'm assuming that Commissioner Laurer is planning on running for the office so part of this turns into a contest and exactly what kinds of resources need to be placed to win that all important 50.1%.

I'd be glad to run against Commissioner Laurer and at least give the voters a chance at an alternative.

Tuesday will be an interesting day. A decision day.