To Await. The Date.

Memorial Day.

I ended up working a long shift at the retail salt mine, actually I'm just coming off right now and exhausted. At first I'm thinking to not blog and to sleep but tomorrow, to me, is an important day and I'm interested in sharing some thoughts.

Right now I'm listening to Johnny Cash, "The Man Comes Around." Normally, I'd put up a video but it's not cooperating right now-easily. I'm really liking the lyrics, "they'll be a golden letter preaching down."

So far I haven't seen a golden letter but let's move on.

Several days ago I made a phone call to whom I consider to be the most qualified candidate to be the next elected Grafton County Commissioner for District #2 and this is Mark Secord, CPA from Littleton, NH. And I'm glad that I did this. And this decision will be made tomorrow.

Inasmuch as I like the idea of politics, strategy, ideas and how best to move things forward I'm really thinking about the actual dynamics of running a political campaign and what it takes to be successful. In my experience and having the privilege of seeing Ray Burton in action money, believe it or not is only one component. Politics and campaigning is much more; especially in "retail politics" rich North Country New Hampshire. Very similar to the "Cheers" commercial: "where everybody knows your name."

So where am I going with this?...

I had considered contacting the NH GOP District Office in Concord to see if they had a candidate in mind or even stated. But then I'm thinking: "why even bother." What is the NH GOP in Concord even doing for the North Country?