Getting The Call.

So I awoke this morning with the hopes that I'd be getting a call with news that Littleton based Mark Secord, CPA would be running for Grafton County Commissioner, District #2. This would be really good for this office and I'm confident that Mr. Secord would do very well as a Grafton County Commissioner.

It didn't work out this way.

I'm not going to recount the whole conversation but can understand his reasoning for not wanting to run for the office. But I'm still disappointed for a number of reasons, first that the most qualified candidate isn't going for it, and the fact that this now puts me in a decision of having to make a decision(s) as to whether to run for this office on my stated intentions: as an independent.

In a few minutes I'm going to contact the NH Republican State Committee to see if they're going to field a candidate in opposition to the appointed Commissioner Laurer who I'm assuming will be running for the full term as a Democrat.

Right now my thinking is that even if the Republicans field a candidate good, bad or indifferent my campaign has to scalp independent and undecided voters from this county which I believe is now swinging statistically (blue) Democratic. I'd need 33.2% to prevail in this election. I'm also seeing dollar signs and what kind of financial resources would have to be advanced to the campaign? And lastly, how many independents have been elected to office in New Hampshire, and especially and potentially in the northeast area of Grafton County?

It very well could be that I'm attempting to fire spaghetti at a wall when there is no wall to begin with.