No Dog Fighting.

I'd have hoped to have a decision by now on the Grafton County Commissioners race. I'm actually leaning towards a 'no' for reasons I've already stated and a phone conversation that I had with the NH GOP Committee in Concord.

Actually it was pretty bad and to me evoked images of what is wrong in politics and the whole system in general.

In short it's a system that actually promotes dog fighting, at least this has been my experience starting with my own campaign in 1994 and now it's 2014 and nothing has changed.NH Politics Is Often About Dogfighting.

Let me explain.

When the vacancy opened up for the appointment of a new Grafton County Commissioner there were 14 applicants that applied for this position. I've read through the list and I'm confident that at least seven of these applicants were registered Republicans.

So now it's close to filing time and the NH GOP doesn't have any information as to who may be running for this office?